Gokai Tweaker Unit


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From the Gokaiger/Zenkaiger spin-off airing on TTFC comes Gokai Silver's Gokai Tweaker unit.

Attaching the Gokai Tweaker to the Memorial Gokai Cellular will allow the use of 6th ranger keys from Go Busters forward.

Additionally, the unit will allow the Gokai Cellular to unlock the Tweaker mode which will allow the transformation into Flint's Two-Kaiser form.

The set includes the Gokai Tweaker unit, stand for the Gokai Cellular and Ranger keys of 6th rangers since Zyuohger:

  • Zyuoh World
  • Houou Soldier
  • Lupin X
  • Patren X
  • Ryusoul Gold
  • Kiramei Silver

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