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BoonBoomger Header BoonBoomger is the 48th Super Sentai Series and as usual it exists to sell toys. This guide is designed to give you an idea of what the merch is and how it all works together so that you can make an informed purchase decision.

Changers & Roleplay | GimmicksMecha | Minipla | Action Figures


Changers & Roleplay

All Sentai teams use an item to transform from their civilian form to their suited ranger forms and BoonBoomger is no different.

BoonBoom Changer

This year’s changer for the core 3 (Red, Blue & Pink) rangers is the BoonBoom Changer. It’s a wrist-mounted device which can detach and attach to the back of their mecha DX BoonBoomger Robo.

Additionally, it can read each of the BoonBoom vehicles and be attached to the BoonBoom Handle, making it a pretty versatile item for different styles of play, so if you’re thinking of only getting one roleplay item, this would be the one!

You can get the BoonBoom Changer via these products:


BoonBoom Handle

This is a rod-type weapon that is used by Boon Red, Blue & Pink. It can combine with the BoonBoom Changer’s meter to form a steering wheel which is what the rangers use to control their mecha. If your budget is tight, this is a skippable release due to limited playability with the other items.

BoonBoom Change Axe

BoonOrange & BoonBlack (who debut later in the show) use the BoonBoom Change Axe to transform. It also functions as their primary weapon. It can change between Handle, Rod & Axe form and, like the BoonBoom Changer, it reads BoonBoom vehicles.

You can get the BoonBoom Axe via these products:



Most Sentai series have a collectible gimmick that's often related to the changer. This year, the Mecha are actually the gimmick as the Boon Vehicles not only combine with each other, but can be scanned with the BoonBoom Changer and the BoonBoom Ace.



One of the most iconic things about a sentai team is that they call on various types of giant vehicles (mecha) that combine into a larger robot to do battle at a grand scale. BoonBoomger’s mecha are all vehicle based and is relatively uncommon in that the vehicles are also the gimmick.

DX BoonBoomger Robo

This is the team’s main robo and it is comprised of BoonRed’s BoonBoom Trailer (which also transforms into a robot on its own and appears in the show as a sort of buddy and carries the other vehicles), Blue’s BoonBoom Offroad and Pink’s BoonBoom Wagon. This is the core robo starting out in the show, so if you’re only going to get one, this should be it!

You can get BoonBoomger Robo via these products:


BoonBoomger Robo Armaments

BoonBoomger robo can also utilize other vehicles to form heads, weapons and other armament. Most vehicles can be purchased individually or as a set.

BoonBoomger Robo Police: Once BoonBlack joins the team, they will bring PatCar 1 and PatCar 2 with them, which are police-themed vehicles. They can combine with DX BoonBoomger Robo to form a head and weapon and the combination is known as BoonBoomger Robo Police.

BoonBoomger Robo Builder
: Once BoonOrange joins the team, he will bring Dozer and Shovel with him, which are construction-themed vehicles. They can combine with DX BoonBoomger Robo to form a head and weapon and the combination is known as BoonBoomger Robo Builder.

BoonBoomger Robo Knight
: BoonBoom Racing can form a head for BoonBoomger robo and BoonBoom Classic can form a sword and the combination is known as BoonBoomger Robo Knight.



Sentai Mecha are usually also released as Minipla (mini plastic models) and BoonBoomger is no different. Minipla can be assembled with no tools (though tools can help clean up rough edges) and often have stickers to add details, but they are also highly posable compared to the DX Mecha.


Action Figures

Sentai releases fewer action figures than series like Kamen Rider or Ultraman, preferring mecha and roleplay items, but there are a couple of ways to get them.

Sentai Hero

These are vinyl figures that were traditionally appx 6” tall, but have more recently been scaled down to appx 4.5-5”. They have very limited articulation, usually only having arms and waist swivel.

Candy Figures

These vinyl figures are even smaller than Sentai Hero and are distributed via Shokugan (candy) toys rather than on their own. They usually come in bag-like packaging, though sometimes will come in small boxes.