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Below are answers to questions frequently encountered.


Where are you based?
Tokullectibles is based on the East Coast of the USA.

Do you have an email list?
Tokullectibles does not do email marketing, however if you follow the page on Facebook, you can get regular updates on product releases as well as shipment schedules. The page can be found here:


How much is shipping?
The prices of most items on the store include shipping unless otherwise noted. However, these prices only cover shipping within the USA. International orders will be charged a calculated shipping fee at checkout which is based on the items in your order and the destination.

Do you provide tracking?
Yes, ALL shipments are sent out with tracking. That information will be sent to the email address or phone number on file for the order at the time of shipment.

Do you ship to [Country]?
Tokullectibles ships worldwide, however the prices on the site that include shipping are typically ONLY for the USA. International orders will be charged a calculated shipping fee at checkout which is based on the items in your order and the destination, plus a flat $8 surcharge.

**Note** If you preorder multiple items that release some time from each other, you may be charged additional shipping costs as these items will be sent separately.

**International UPS Orders** Please note that to some countries, like Canada, UPS can charge you an ICOD fee which includes brokerage fees for clearing your package for you. You can follow guides such as this one to self-clear your package and avoid these fees. Alternatively, Tokullectibles recommends USPS for international shipments.

When will my items ship?
USPS does daily pickups. If your item is in stock, you can expect it to ship within a business day. UPS does pickups twice weekly on Tuesday and Thursdays.

My items have not arrived!
If your tracking number has not updated, please give it 2 weeks. USPS will not open a claim prior to that time unless it was a Priority Mail Express shipment.

If your tracking shows delivered, but you do not have the package:

  • *Please be sure to check your mailbox, porch or any other areas the package may have been left.
  • *Please be sure to check with family members and neighbors.
  • *Failing the above, please immediately contact your local post office. GO IN! Filing an online claim will not be handled as quickly as face to face. Often, they can identify the carrier and figure out the situation.

Reminder that you should provide a shipping address that is secure. USPS will not process insurance claims on packages marked delivered. 

Signature Confirmation is available on all shipments and can be selected at checkout.


Will I be charged immediately?
All preorders are charged at the time of payment.

What is an Early Bird preorder?
Tokullectibles sometimes offers discounted rates for the first few orders of a new release. The price typically includes shipping as well. Once they are sold, these are no longer available.

If I pay a deposit, how much will I owe?
Deposit preorders will owe the balance of the Full Payment preorder price at the time of the order (as prices can fluctuate, often increasing) as well as the cost of shipping. You will receive an invoice for the balance due once the items arrive and are ready to be shipped to you.

When does my item release?
When ordering, please note the release month listed on the page. For Premium Bandai items, the exact date of release is usually revealed at the beginning of that month. Tokullectibles keeps a post pinned to the top of the Facebook page each month listing known release dates:

When will Tokullectibles ship my preorder?
Tokullectibles typically receives items approximately 7-10 days after they release in Japan. As most toku items release on a Saturday, that usually means they will ship to you by the following Thursday or Friday. Please keep in mind that customs and holidays can delay these timelines. Please keep an eye on the Facebook page for updates.

How long to I have to pay the balance of my preorder?
Once you receive an invoice for the balance, Tokullectibles allows for 2 weeks without communication before the item is forfeit. If you need additional time to pay, please reach out as soon as possible.

What if my address changes?
If your address changes before your preorder ships, please send us a message so that it can be updated and noted. Updating your address on the balance invoice sent will NOT result in the shipping address being changed for the original order.

Can I cancel my preorder?
In general, preorders are non-refundable, though some allowances can be made. Repeated cancellations can lead to future preorders being declined.

Please be aware that for special order items like clothes and many Premium Bandai items, cancellation is not possible. Abandoned preorders forfeit their deposit.

Will I receive campaign bonuses?
Very often purchase campaigns apply to in-store purchases and are not always honored on wholesale purchases. That said, if Tokullectibles receives free campaign bonus items with any item, they will be provided to customers on a first-come, first-served basis free of charge.

There may also be instances where items are available to purchase with the campaign item guaranteed. These may be at higher prices due to needing to be purchased at retail.

What is the difference between USA and Japanese releases?
The American releases of products are typically exactly the same but tend to be priced lower. What's best for you can vary on your personal tastes.

Some pros include:

  • Lower pricing
  • English instructions (for some, not all releases)

Some cons include:

  • Later release date
  • Potentially different packaging (for the box collectors)
  • Opened/modified packaging (the shipping box is sometimes opened to include translated instructions. Stickers with domestic support and care instructions can be added to packaging)