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Kyuranger: DX Kyutama vs SG/Candy Kyutama vs Gashapon Kyutama

Like the Ranger Keys of ole, Kyuranger's collectible gimmick comes in various forms. There's the Deluxe, Candy Toy (SG), Gashapon, Minipla, and the weapon variants (not to mention special editions as well).

This article will focus on the differences between the DX Kyutama, the SG Kyutama and the Gashapon Kyutama.

The easiest way to tell the DX from the others is the metallic sticker on the front indicating the Kyutama's number. On the SG and Gashapon kyutama, these are plain. They are not matte, but are glossy like the DX, but do not have the metallic finish to them.

Plastic Quality

The plastic quality between each version is pretty similar, but again, you'll notice that the color of the plastic on the DX kyutama has a bit of a pearly-effect and has a bit of depth, while the others are plain gray.

Molded details

The details on the DX kyutama are much sharper than on the SG Kyutama, and the SG is sharper (albeit only slightly) than on the Gashapon Kyutama. You can see this most-clearly by looking at the "machinery" at the base of the rear of the Kyutama (this is what faces outward on Kyuren-Oh)


Mecha / Kyuren-Oh

When docked to the mecha or part of Kyuren-Oh, the Kyutama are nearly indistinguishable. It's hard to spot the pearly paint or the molded detail differences in these modes, though if you have the mecha, you likely have the DX anyway.


The DX Kyutama show the rangers in their cockpit when illuminated inside Kyuren-Oh. The SG, Gashapon and even the DX Kyutama that come with the weapons, instead show the symbol of the constellation:


The pins on the bottom of all 3 are the same, so they make the same sounds when inserted in the Seiza Blaster or Kyu The Weapon.

Mawa Slide

While this is subjective, the "mawa slide" mechanism between all 3 types seems to feel about the same, so unlike Ranger Keys, Eyecons or Shift Cars, these should be indistinguishable from each other when you're Star Changing.

Bandai has done a great job of keeping the various versions of the Kyutama similar-enough to each other so that one could mix and match without feeling like their collection is a hodge-podge. The biggest issue one may have to content with is the number stickers on the front not being exact and a slight color difference in the gray plastic.

Given that we may see some Kyutama as Gashapon, SG or even magazine exclusives, this is a great thing.

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