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Amazing Yamaguchi Spider-Man Ver 2.0

Payment: Full Payment
Sale price$95.00

Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man returns to the "Amazing Yamaguchi" action-figure lineup from Kaiyodo -- newly modeled and with more advanced posability!

A more evolved system of jointing makes this Spidey figure more expressive and playable than ever before, with 26 points of articulation! By moving both sides of the torso, the shoulder blades can be moved back and forth, and additional joints are included on his shins to recreate the bending effect so often seen in the comics.

Although he's still slender, his muscles are expressed with more edgy details, and the texture of the high-tech material his suit is made from is highlighted with metallic paint for a more realistic atmosphere.

The spiderweb effect parts have also been renewed, bringing us a straight web fired like a bullet, a fan-shaped web for netting bad guys, and a wing-shaped part that stretches between his arms and body so Spidey can glide!

Interchangeable hands are also included to allow for uniquely expressive action. His eyes are replaceable, with three sets included for different expressions; you can even combine different eyes on the left and right! A base with a built-in magnet is also included!

In the Box:

  • Main figure
  • Interchangeable hands (x10)
  • Interchangeable eyes (x6)
  • Web effect A (x2)
  • Web effect B (x2)
  • Web effect C (x2)
  • Eye parts pick
  • Magnet for wall attachment
  • Display stand
  • Extension parts for base arm

Shipping: Free within the USA