DaiBadi Polynian Rucio (Girl's Bikini)


Sale price$70.00


The Polynian Rucio is now decked out in a girl's bikini for all to see! His normal bust and hips parts are also included in this swimsuit set, as well as an energy spray gun weapon.

The figure is designed with spherical joints and movement in mind, allowing for a wide range of simple yet free movement.

He also comes with 3mm joint holes in both his body and hands, allowing you to use other optional parts from the Polynian series to display him in any way you like. A new face for Shamrock is also included.

In the Box:

  • Flat hands
  • Handles
  • 3 interchangeable faces
  • Energy spray gun
  • Rucio basic bust
  • Rucio basic hip
  • Blue Hex Base

Shipping: Free within the USA

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