DLX Iron Man Mark 50 Infinity Saga 1/12 Scale Action Figure


Release : USA
Payment: Full Payment
Sale price$105.00


DLX Iron Man Mark 50 is the next figure in the Marvel DLX series!

This fully articulated collectible figure stands approximately 6.9" tall and is constructed of threezero's renown DLX die-cast system with 48 points of articulation.

Included are nanotech melee weapons: the Nano-Katar and Energy Blade. Featuring LED lighting features on the chest and the eyes, the two flight panels on the back can flip open and closed.

Additional equipment and accessories include: five pairs of interchangeable hands, effect parts for shooting and flight poses, and a DLX action stand; allowing for a wide variety of display possibilities! The forearms of the figure are detachable, and may be exchanged with weapons from the DLX Iron Man Mark 50 Accessory Pack (sold separately).

Shipping: Free within the USA

Sometimes we can offer a product with both a domestic and international release. Though the specifics may change, here are some key differences:

  • The Japanese release will be sourced from Japan and be just as it is released there
  • The USA release will be imported through a distributor and thus may contain translated instructions and will benefit from domestic support should something go wrong with your item
  • USA releases typically trail the Japanese release by 1-2 months, however they do not receive firm release dates. Dates provided are estimates only and can vary based on various factors
  • BOTH releases are available to ship worldwide
  • IMPORTANT: Bandai USA Releases may be very delayed from initial estimates and in some cases, outright cancelled

If you care about getting the product as authentic as possible, or as soon as possible, then you'll likely want the Japanese release. However, if price and domestic warranty support are more important and you are willing to wait, you'll benefit from the USA release.

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