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DX Chogokin VF-25G Super Messiah Valkyrie (Michael Blanc's Fighter) Revival Ver

Save $30.00
Release : USA
Regular price$265.00 Sale price$235.00

The Messiah Valkyrie piloted by Michael Blanc in "Macross Frontier" returns to Bandai's "DX Chogokin" action-figure lineup, this time with super parts equipment!

The surface of the Messiah Valkyrie and the super parts have had a matte finish applied to enhance their texture, and some new markings have been added as well. Super parts are included for all three of the Messiah Valkyrie's forms.

Die-cast parts are used for the joints for excellent stability when posing, even in the Gerwalk's open-leg posture!

The cockpit opens and closes, and pilot figures of Michael Blanc and and a child version of Klan Klang are included that can sit in the cockpit. The sniper rifle is equipped with a stabilizer fin for precision shooting, and the optical shooting sight opens and closes.

Interchangeable hands are included, and the characteristic head design is also carefully reproduced, with clear parts used for the main camera!

Shipping: Free within the USA

What is the difference between USA, Chinese and Japanese releases?

Sometimes we can offer a product with both a domestic and international release. Though the specifics may change, here are some key differences:

  • The Japanese release will be sourced from Japan and be just as it is released there
  • The Chinese release will be sourced from China and is usually identical to the Japanese release (we note if there are differences) aside from package labeling.
  • The USA release will be imported through a distributor and thus may contain translated instructions and will benefit from domestic support should something go wrong with your item
  • Chinese releases usually occur around the same time as Japanese releases, but due to additional processing required, they tend to arrive 3-6 weeks later than the Japanese release.
  • USA releases typically trail the Japanese release by 1-2 months, however they do not receive firm release dates. Dates provided are estimates only and can vary based on various factors
  • ALL releases are available to ship worldwide from our location in the USA

If you care about getting the product as authentic as possible, or as soon as possible, then you'll likely want the Japanese release.

If you want it relatively soon at a middle price-point, the Chinese releases are often the best bet.

However, if price and domestic warranty support are more important and you are willing to wait, you'll benefit from the USA release.