DX OOO Driver 10th Anniversary Ver


Sale price$138.00


This 10th anniversary re-release of the DX OOO Driver includes the driver, scanner, scanner holder, medal holder and 3 sets of core medals.

DX Compatibility: The included Core Medals are made in the same manner as the original DX Core Medals, but are not guaranteed to be compatible with the original DX driver, the Super Best or CSM releases.

Japan vs USA Release: Both releases will contain the same items. The USA release will be cheaper and ship approximately 1 month later than the Japanese release, but may contain translated instructions and domestic support (box may be opened for application and inclusion of informational items).

12/07/2020: The USA release has been cancelled.

Scheduled Release: March 2021 (Japan - USA releases tend to follow 1-2 months later)
Shipping: Free within the USA for Full Payment Preorders

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