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Heatboys TMNT HB0015 Donatello Mecha

Scheduled Release:
Estimated: January 2025
Payment: Full Payment
Sale price$185.00

Please check the Release Calendar closer to release for specific date


Heatboys is finally finishing off the core Turtles brothers in their Mecha line with HB0015 Donatello!

Standing 9" tall, this version of Donatello innovatively incorporates a shell-ejecting mechanism into the sniper rifle, replicating the scene of bullet shells ejecting in actual combat.

Additionally, it can be paired with a composite magnetic rail gun, utilizing various lighting effects to replicate various firing effects. As the final member of this series, will Donatello deliver enough surprises to the turtle fans?


  • Head-mounted Multi-Function Night Vision Device
  • Optical Camouflage Tactical Cloak
  • Unmanned Reconnaissance Drone
  • Quantum Radar
  • Multi-function Mechanical Arm
  • Tactical Arm Cannon
  • Re-loadable Magazine
  • 2x Non-re-loadable Magazines
  • Tactical Hook Claw
  • Long-range Sniper Rifle
  • Magnetic Rail Gun
  • Shotgun
  • Driver Don and Turtle Vehicle Parts (Yellow)
  • Mechanical Pizza
  • Magnetically controlled LED
  • Alloy Staff
  • Magnetic Rail Gun Mount
  • Sniper Rifle Mount
  • Alloy Staff Connector
  • Magnetic Rail Gun Connector
  • Shotgun Mount
  • Arm Connector
  • Backpack stand
  • 2x Magazine Connectors
  • 2x Weapon Connectors
  • Long steel stand
  • Short steel stand
  • 2x Stand connector
  • Multi-function Base

This release includes the early order transclucent green mini figure and Turtle Car parts bonuses for orders placed prior to July 27th, 2024

Please Note this item will be shipped from the manufacturer in batches. We will fill orders chronologically starting with Full Payment preorders as inventory arrives.

Shipping: Free within the Continental USA

Preorder FAQ

Will I be charged immediately?

All preorders are charged at the time of payment.

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We regularly add release dates to our Release Calendar

When will Tokullectibles ship my preorder?

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How long to I have to pay the balance of my preorder?

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What if my address changes?

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Can I cancel my preorder?

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Will I receive campaign bonuses?

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There may also be instances where items are available to purchase with the campaign item guaranteed. These may be at higher prices due to needing to be purchased at retail.

What is the difference between USA and Japanese releases?The American releases of products are typically exactly the same but tend to be priced lower. What's best for you can vary on your personal tastes.

Some pros include:

  • Lower pricing
  • English instructions (for some, not all releases)

Some cons include:

  • Later release date
  • Potentially different packaging (for the box collectors)
  • Opened/modified packaging (the shipping box is sometimes opened to include translated instructions. Stickers with domestic support and care instructions can be added to packaging)