CSM Charmant Lock Seed Set

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Fans of Gridon and Bravo, this is for you!

The set includes 5 Lock Seeds and 4 face plates that can all be used with the CSM Sengoku Driver (and Project Ark edition).

The Bluray version includes Gaim Gaiden: Gridon vs Bravo

DX Compatibility: The Lock Seeds included are the same specification of the original DX releases, but are not guaranteed to be compatible with the original DX Drivers. The Faceplates are not cross-compatible.

Japan vs USA Release: Both releases will contain the same items. The USA release will be cheaper and ship approximately 1-2 months later than the Japanese release, but may contain translated instructions and domestic support (box may be opened for application and inclusion of informational items).

Scheduled Release: March 2021 (Japan), April 2021 (USA)
Shipping: Free within the USA for Full Payment Preorders

Sometimes we can offer a product with both a domestic and international release. Though the specifics may change, here are some key differences:

  • The Japanese release will be sourced from Japan and be just as it is released there
  • The USA release will be imported through a distributor and thus may contain translated instructions and will benefit from domestic support should something go wrong with your item
  • USA releases typically trail the Japanese release by 1-2 months, however they do not receive firm release dates. Dates provided are estimates only and can vary based on various factors
  • BOTH releases are available to ship worldwide

If you care about getting the product as authentic as possible, or as soon as possible, then you'll likely want the Japanese release. However, if price and domestic warranty support are more important and you are willing to wait, you'll benefit from the USA release.

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