Ex-Aid Heisei Rider Gashats


Preorder: Kuuga
Sale price$20.00


The Heisei Rider Gashat set includes 10 rider gashats from the Heisei era:

  • Kuga Gashat
  • Agito Gashat
  • Ryuki Gashat
  • Faiz Gashat
  • Blade Gashat
  • Hibiki Gashat
  • Kabuto Gashat
  • Den-O Gashat
  • Kiva Gashat
  • Decade Gashat

A limited number of Gashats will also be made available individually.

Free shipping is via first class mail in the USA within brown Bandai mailer. To ship via another method, please send a message.

Set releases in March, all new orders ship in April. All orders are non-refundable

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