Yoroiden Korin no Seiji "Samurai Troopers" Sentinel Ronin Warriors Chou Dan Kadou


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The second character of "Chou-Dan-Kadou", a project aims to celebrate the 30th anniversary of "Yoroiden-Samurai Troopers". Here comes the descendant of the Date clan in halo armor!

Equipped with the Yoroi Gear (armor) on/off gimmick, the figure is a fully articulated figure when the armor is removed. The display frame can be used to display Yoroi Gear in "Armor decoration form" when being summoned.

"Korinken" can be separated and turned into "Long sword", "Shuriken" and "Kurai" forms.

Also includes four face expression parts.

Scheduled Release: June 2020
Shipping: Free within the USA for Full Payment Preorders

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