SG Dark Sentai Gear Set


Set: Full Set
Sale price$105.00


All of the Sentai Gears initially released in Shokugan are now released as a full Dark Sentai Gear set!

Set Includes:

  • All 4 Kikanoids
  • Twokaizer & SD Bots
  • Zyuohger, Kyuranger, Ryusoulger, Gokaiger, Ninninger, Go-Onger, Dekaranger, Abaranger, Timeranger, Hurricanger, Megaranger, Carranger & Bioman
  • Also includes Kiramager, which was previously a special release outside of SG

These Sentai Gears work with the DX Geartozinger.

Shipping: Free within the USA for Full Payment Preorders

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