Gashapon Kyutama Set 09


Kyutama: Cerberus & Kogitsune
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The Kyutama are what are inserted into the blaster and mecha. The gashapon Kyutama differ from the DX Kyutama that come with the mecha in that they show the constellation's imagine when Kyuren-Oh illuminates them.

Click here for a comparison with DX.

Set 09 consists of:

  • Houou Kyutama (empty version)
  • Shishi Kyutama (empty version)
  • Ryu Kyutama (empty version)
  • Cerberus Kyutama
  • Ryu Kyutama
  • Houou Kyutama
  • Kogitsune Kyutama

The empty versions are assumed to be the rare/chase kyutama so will be available in very limited quantities on a first-come, first-served basis. Orders marked "secondary" will receive only if there are extras. Please order with the understanding that there may not be.

Prices include shipping within the USA. International shipping is additional.

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