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Artisan Megaranger Degitaizer & Battleraizer Megareal Edition

Product type: Roleplay

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This awesome set includes a cradle for the Battleraizer. It also features a mode that plays the theme song and SPEECH RECOGNITION!

The Speech Recognition functionality allows you to press the microphone button and give over 20 commands such as summoning the Galaxy Mega and playing the opening theme song (you may need to use Japanese here)

The electronics are also loaded with over 70 recorded pieces of dialog from the cast.

Scheduled for release in November. Prices include shipping within the USA for Early Bird & Full Payment preorders.

PREORDERS FOR THIS SPECIAL ORDER ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. Do not preorder if you do not intend to follow through. For info on how Preorders work @ Tokullectibles, please see the following URL:

***This release has been delayed by Bandai. The new release date is January 23rd, 2019***

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