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HI-METAL R VF-0D Phoenix (Kudo Shin Fighter) - Macross Zero

Save $35.00
Release : USA
Regular price$150.00 Sale price$115.00

The VF-0D Phoenix piloted by Shin Kudo and Edgar LaSalle in "Macross Zero" finally joins the "Hi-Metal R" series from Bandai!

Its distinctive design, double-seat cockpit, canard wings positioned above and below the air intakes, and clipped delta wings are all newly modeled. It transforms between all three forms, too, standing 5.5" in battle mode!

Figures of Shin Kudo and Edgar LaSalle are included that can be placed in the cockpit. In Fighter form, it can be displayed landed with the landing gear parts. 

In the box:

  • Main figure
  • Interchangeable hands (left and right, x4 pairs each)
  • Main wing (left and right) for missile launcher suspension
  • Small wings for Battroid model
  • Gunpod
  • Pitot tube for Fighter form (x2)
  • Pitot tube for Battroid form
  • Medium-range air-to-air missile (x2)
  • Missile launcher (x2)
  • Display joint parts
  • Air intake shutters (closed) (left and right)
  • Landing gear (front and rear wheels, left and right)
  • Dedicated base set

Shipping: Free within the USA for Full Payment Preorders

What is the difference between USA, Chinese and Japanese releases?

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  • The Japanese release will be sourced from Japan and be just as it is released there
  • The Chinese release will be sourced from China and is usually identical to the Japanese release (we note if there are differences) aside from package labeling.
  • The USA release will be imported through a distributor and thus may contain translated instructions and will benefit from domestic support should something go wrong with your item
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  • USA releases typically trail the Japanese release by 1-2 months, however they do not receive firm release dates. Dates provided are estimates only and can vary based on various factors
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If you want it relatively soon at a middle price-point, the Chinese releases are often the best bet.

However, if price and domestic warranty support are more important and you are willing to wait, you'll benefit from the USA release.